Greetings and thank you for visiting my page. 

I offer prayers of health, happiness and hope to everyone during this holiday season. November is my birthday month and I thank God for the precious gift of life.  

Thanks to everyone for participating in our team's Light the Night fundraising event. With your kindheartedness our team raised $4,900. 

If you would still like to help end cancer, donations are being accepted through December 31, 2021.

Early Bird Raffle Winners

  • Dr. & Mrs. Larry W. Ellis
  • Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bush
  • Marsha Winters
  • Alvinnetta Burks

Happy Holidays to you & yours!

For those of your who are new to my page, here's a great video from a recent LLS Light the Night Walk. It's a beautiful experience and we hope you'll consider joining an event near you.